P5Q and Q9650 chipset burning

so i have p5q mobo and intel q9650 i want to oc it but my nb and sb are extremly hot even on default settings in idle.
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  1. What are the temp readings that your getting? What case and fan setup/configuration are you using?
  2. i have cooler master seidon 120V watercooler, two fans in the back in and two fans in the front out. my cpu is core1 49, core2 42, core3 39, core4 42, system temp 30 and i also have some auxiliary that says 21 but its impossible since its 30 degrees in my room. those are at idle add another 14-17 degrees C when at full load.
  3. Are there temp readings for NB and SB themselves? Are they warm to the touch? Is the airflow from intake fans being block by cabling that's causing temps to be high?
  4. hardware monitor is actually reporting 48 C system temp (if thats NB) under full load but when i touch i cant hold my finger not even for a sec.
  5. That looks like a normal temp under load for your specific board. You could purchase a small fan and mount it somewhere to blow air directly onto the NB if concerned about it.
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