Windows 98SE computer plays startup theme on any program startup. How to fix?

I have recently purchased a secondhand Windows 98SE PC, mainly for playing classic games which are incompatible with newer versions of Windows. I have a small problem with it though, which is that whenever I start any program or whenever the computer enters or wakes from standby, the windows 98 startup sound plays. Now I'm fine with that sound once or twice on startup, but when I'm going through files or jumping between programs things get very annoying, very quickly. Is there something I can do to fix this?

As a note, I have a serial but have not yet registered the computer. On that note, I am a little worried that I may need to connect it to the internet for this and that I will be preyed upon with that machine, and would prefer to avoid that if possible (even if nothing really essential will be on that machine).
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  2. I realized that I was looking at the wrong Sounds options. The Sounds I was looking at was just showing you what was set for that theme you had selected. A simple trip to the Sounds applet in Control Panel solved my issue. Thanks for the help!

    Thank you for that link! Unfortunately, my Sounds window looks similar but I cannot see anyplace where I can change what sound plays, or turn sounds on and off. It just shows me the list of events which can trigger sounds, which ones currently do trigger sounds, and what sounds they trigger (as well as the file location of said sound).

    I'd consider just deleting the sound or replacing it with an silent file, but that would be a little silly IMO.
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