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I'm a first year engineering student and am looking to upgrade from a 5 year old Asus rog g73jh. I'm trying to spend around $1500-$2000 Canadian and I'm trying to find a lightweight preferably 15.6 size gaming laptop which is gonna give me the most bang for my buck! I wanna have at least a 970m as to try and future proof the laptop as much as possible and I'd like to have a decent battery life at least as decent as it gets with a gaming laptop. Any ideas would be great thanks!
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  1. for 1500$ you can get the hp omen with i7-4720hq quad core 2.6 ghz overclocked to 3.6 ghz
    gtx 960m, everything is ran on a ssd making it very fast. I reccoment saving up some extra money to get it with the 500 gb pcie ssd which is the fastest you can get.

    For some extra money there is the razer blade/razer blade pro
    very notorious for being probably the best - thinnest gaming laptop you can get. only problem is it might exceed your budget
  2. I would either get a asus gl series or msi ge series.
  3. What would your guys picks be between the MSI ghost or the Alienware 15 both with the 970m 4th gen i7 and 128gb ssd and 1Tb hard drive. Im not a big fan of the looks of the Alienware but i do like its battery life and the option to use the graphics amplifier in a few years time, but I like the more compact lighyweight design of the Ghost. I checked out the Omen and it looks really cool but if I feel like if I'm spending a lot of money I really wanna get a 970m over a 960m or 965m. I've been looking for a smaller Asus computer with a 970m but have had no luck. Any idea if they're going to update the g551 to a 970m or if the only Asus I can get with a 970m would be the close to 10lb ROG beasts that they sell.
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    Get the alienware over the ghost as it has better cooling. I know it is more heavy but it will last a lot longer as the ghost is prone to overheating due to its size. Also msi ghosts are loud. The alienware is a lot quieter.
  5. Yea I read about the Ghosts overheating problems which is why I'm iffy about them. Only real negative about the Alienware is its gonna stick out like a sore thumb in the classroom or library at University.
  6. An alternative could be a barebone laptop
  7. Any suggestions on one?
  8. Sagar is a good brand to look for.
  9. They're just as expensive as Alienware as far as I can see, atleast buying them in Canada is. How do the quality between them and Alienware compare?
  10. I haven't used either of these machines but I would guess that the alienware has a good build quality as they love charging a premium for their laptops. Sagars on the other hand have good build quality as well but I can't judge if it is better or worse than the alienware as I have not used one.
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