Recommend a pump please

I'm on the hunt for a pump but having a hard time what to go with. Been looking at this pump as it would be nice with pwm.

I would prefer a quite pump with pwm but still strong enough for my loop.

Phobya UC- Extreme bull brass - cpu block
Alpha Cool GPX-A - gpu block
Mayhems 360 quad rad
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    A lot of people recommend a D5 over the DDC pumps, but if you're dead set on a DDC then I'd recommend getting one with a heatsink. I personally don't see much of a difference between the two. The DDC, however, is known for overheating when not properly cooled (the PCB melts, pump breaks). Putting it in front of a fan usually prevents this.

    As always, either of these pumps improve with a proper pump top, so those are also recommended.
  2. I'd also recommend a heatsink and/or good airflow with a DDC. If you get a D5, I'd spend the extra for a variable speed to slow it down a bit. With that said, after going to PWM with my DDCs, I can't go back. I did have to replace one though(DDC) after only 1.5 yrs of service. Either should be plenty of power for your loop. Just for example, 1 of my DDCs can move water just fine through 4 blocks and 3 radiators.
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