Asus maximus hero vii z97 vs Asus Sabertooth z97 mark 1

Can Someone tell me the differences between these 2 boards,Can they both do the same thing and overall which one is better.I want to sort of do a military type of design with my pc,but if the asus maximus is better ill do a cool red and black theme. Please help...Thanks in advnace
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  1. They are both very similar with the hero being the preferred choice for most due to color sceme and overclocking potential. Both are very good gaming boards tho.
  2. Main difference is that the Sabertooth does not have a M.2 whilst the Hero does.
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    Comparw them here.. hero looks better in my opinion

    Hero memory can go to 3200 and has m.2
  4. okay thanks for the help everyone,i'll be getting the asus hero vii well once i find a used one thats like new in amazon
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