MLC Eats V-NAND: Samsung 840 Pro vs Samsung 850 EVO - Expert Opinions Wanted

I am kind of surprised that I am the first person to pose this question. For some strange reason, I see multiple sites comparing the 850 Pro to the 840 EVO, but to me this seems a little bass-ackwards.

Who can make an educated comparison between the Samsung 840 Pro vs. the Samsung 850 EVO?

It would seem more logical to compare the best of the slightly older series to the not-quite-best of the newer series.

I've read full reviews of both on this site as well as from Anandtech, etc.

Anand makes a good point regarding the longevity of MLC NAND vs TLC NAND, and I am someone who keeps the same computer configuration for about ten years (not kidding). So yeah, longevity is important. The review of the 840 Pro on this site does not even mention the NAND architecture at all.

Also, the bug that cropped up in the EVO series drives has put a dent in Samsung's armor, which I'm not even sure has been completely resolved, but considering you can now get an "as new" 256GB 840 Pro with zero hours for $90 - $100, it is really tempting to go for that "pro" designation, even if it doesn't sport that fancy new 3D V-NAND, TurboWrite etc.

What does everyone else think?
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    1. The EVO issue has been fixed. The new FW is not a band-aid. Its just clickbait wording that websites reporting on it used.

    2. Pros will always outlast EVOs.

    3. Drives that are sold used, do not have nay warranty. Also, drives that are purchased new and unopened from a non-certified reseller (think someone on ebay named guy21 selling a drive he never opened) there is no warranty.
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