Need expert assistance with case/water cooler compatibility.

I'm happy to be making 2 new custom mini PC builds with the components below, and I need you expert level input to confirm what the best water CPU coolers would be for my mini cases to ensure that they will fit before I order the coolers.
Hi TH community,

- both builds use a single GTX 980, a i7 5820, and a ASRock X99E-ITX/ac LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/ mother board

- the two cases I'm ordering are seen in the links below: Series Air 240

and the IN WIN 901 Mini-ITX seen at the link below:

What I need to know is: what is the best liquid cpu cooler there is that will fit in both or either one of these cases. The CPU coolers I'm really interested in are the corsair h100/h100i/h110 series seen below, but i'm open to other suggestions:

In short, the H100i can fit in the corsair as seen in the build video below,

but I want to make sure that the other coolers I mentioned above would also work in these cases with the components I mentioned above. Thx so much in advance for any help friends:))).
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  1. If you look at the case specs they will say if and what size coolers will fit.

    air120 -

    Radiator Mount Locations

    Front: 240mm
    Bottom: 240mm

    IN WIN 901 Mini-ITX

    - 90mm Rear Fan x 1
    - 120mm Bottom Fan x 1
    - 120mm Liquid Cooling Radiator
    - CPU heatsink up to 127mm
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