What's going on with Windows 7 Ultimate installation - how to transfer drivers from one W7 to another W7

I purchased a second SSD and used my Windows 7 Ultimate disk to install the OS. When i get to the point just after the Product Key, the mouse and keyboard power down.

I was able to continue installation using an old PS/2 keyboard in my closet, but if you've ever done it without a mouse, you can imagine how much trouble that is.

So after the installation, none of the drivers are installed. I did this twice on 2 computers with same result. Is it because Microsoft stop supporting Windows 7 in Jan 2015. ? I tried downloading ISO for W7 and can't find it anywhere.

So I am currently building everything manually trying to install all the drivers i know but i don't know the manufacture name for them all. What the hell is a base controller. Then i have PCI Simple, Performance counters etc. this is stuff which windows always used to install.

I installed what i could manually like network controller and video drivers plus most motherboard drivers that came on a disk.

But How can i get all the other drivers which are currently working fine on the first SSD over to the second SSD. I tried to copy driver store but not allowed.

Been at this for 2 days now building every component manually.
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  1. You get drivers off whatever site. The manufacturer's site.

    And unless the 2 ssds are installed on identical mobos, you dont install the same drivers
  2. I understand i need to chase the drivers, but isn't that normally something Windows does during the installation. Why is that not happening anymore. Is it because W7 stopped support as of Jan 2015. I never ran into this issue before with earlier versions of OS.

    But more to the point, how am i supposed to know who the manufacturer is of every component of my device or even what the device actually is. When i see Performance counters, i don't know what device that actually is or who manufactures it. Base Controller is listed about 25 times, I wouldn't even know how to associate that to a device or manufacturer.

    yes the new SSD is on the same HW device. It's just an added harddrive with new letter.

    i figured something out through trial and error.

    if i point the driver search to the other SSD Windows\System32\DriverStore it installs the missing drivers.. So i guess i worked out my own solution but still confused as to why Windows didn't do this during the installation.
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    Depends what the device is. And if Windows has the drivers to install them

    If everything is on the motherboard, go to the mobo maker's site.

    Well if both ssd's are on the same system, I see no point in copying everything from one to the other

    If for some reason windows doesnt install drivers for something, go to its entry in device manager.

    Dbl click on it go to details tab / change it to hardware ids.. Copy and paste one the entries here in Google. It'll you what it is
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