GTX 980 Gigabyte G1 Gaming OC Guru II issues

I recently purchased a Gigabyte G1 GTX 980 and was looking into some basic overclocking of it. I downloaded the Gigabyte OC Guru software which comes with the card, and got looking at several sources on what people were able to get to overclocking it as I am a total novice to OCing.

The different sources I looked up:

etc etc

Everyone here seems to get anywhere from +172Mhz, +215Mhz, +260Mhz etc etc

I started by increasing my base clock by 25Mhz.... and that was it. I was running the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward benchmarker to test it - as this is the main game I wish to play with it, and even with the tiny increase of +25MHz the program crashed (whereas before it ran perfectly).

The Gigabyte Guru also has an OC profile for my card, which will auto OC it for me... and again this still causes the crashes.

I know every card is different and we would all have different systems, but even +25Mhz causing it to crash? am I missing something?

Rest of the system specs are as follows:

GTX 980 G1 Gigabyte Gaming
AMD FX-8350 (OC'd to 4.3Ghz)
16GB Kingston Hyperx Beast Dual-DDR3
WIndows 7
Corsair 850W Enthusiast Series

Is there anything simple I'm missing here? Sorry I'm a total novice to this, so apologise for anything dumb!

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  1. Sounds odd you should be able to go much higher than that. Download msi afterburner and try in 10-15 mhz intervals then stress testing using msi kombuster or valley/heaven from unigine
  2. You could have just got extremely unlucky with the silicon lottery, but id definitely try a different OC software first and its always best to manual OC rather than the auto OC as its easier to keep an eye on and achieve a stable OC
  3. Hey thanks for your reply, I appreciate getting back to me. As I said I'm relatively new to this sort of thing.

    So I downloaded MSI Kombuster and MSI Afterburner. And slowly began to crank up my Mhz, doing 15, then running Kombuster (Lake of Titans x32 with 8x MSAA on 'stress test') for 5minutes+ each time. When I hit +50MHz I ran it for 10min+ and there was no issues...

    so I go and run the FFXIV Benchmarker and it acts really strange again, this time it wasn't crashing, but randomly forcing itself out of full screen and into window mode... its just strange this only happens when I OC the card.

    Edit - Scratch that, after 10 more minutes of +50Mhz I got an error saying my driver stopped working and recovered.
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    Hi sorry about late reply- i was starting to think it was an issue with the heavensward program but if afterburner cant keep it stable then its the card im afraid. Run some heaven (unigine) tests and if that cant keep stable id send the card back personally. Theres no way you should have a 980ti that cant overclock, the g1 variant is one of the better ones so it must just be the particular card
  5. Stupid question but you do have a CPU cooler right? Its not listed in specs. (Im sure you do with the OC on CPU) coz if you dont the processor would shut everything down as the stress tests take a toll on that aswell. Where did you buy the card from?
  6. I do have a CPU cooler, sorry I just didn't list it. I have a "Corsair H40 Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler"

    I bought it from I'm going to have a little chat with their / gigabytes support and see what opinion they have on it. Thanks for all your help.
  7. Good luck with it mate also id say that the card is running badly, crashing issues etc give them very little info dont mention OCing and play dumb- it saves issues with RMAs down the line trust me!
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