Amd a10 7850k w/r7 250 running dual graphics or Amd a10 7850k w/ r7 260x discreet graphics? Which is better for gaming?

Which settings would perform better for gaming?
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  1. There ares ome games that have issues with crossfire. That would be the only time the r7 260x would be faster. You want faster ram for the best APU fps. I recomend save $50 on buying a cpu like the pentium g3250 or the fx6300. Then you can get an r9 270x.
  2. FX 6300 with 260x/270x would be a better option
    since buying a discrete graphics card higher than 250x would make the 7850k's gpu useless
    Other options you can get athlon 860K which is 7850k with the gpu disabled at a lower price
    Please do not get the Pentium as there is games that refuses to work with 2 cores cpus
    I myself prefer the FX 6300 - 260/270 built as you get the best cpu/gpu in your options
    Please know that fx series requires AM3+ motherboard and the 860K/7850K require FM2+ motherboard
  3. If you posted exactly what games you will be playing, we would be able to help you a lot better(: just like jbaker said, some games really don't like dual graphics. In my experience with dual graphics, it simply didn't work too well bc of micro-stuttering and frame drops. Also, tell us the name of your motherboard so we can give you better recommendations.
  4. To be honest from what I have heard you should stay away from dual graphics because its not much of a gain than a dedicated card, and from my experience with the A10 7870K you really want a dedicated card. Also, like the others said the dual graphics configuration can also cause some issues. So if you have to go with the 260x then get it, but if you really want a benefit get a GTX 750ti or a 970 if you can afford it.
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