Graphics card doesnt fit all the way in Pci slot

I tried installing a new graphics card in my pci x16 slot. It doesn't fit all the way in. I tried putting little force but still doesn't want to fit. The big side fits but the smaller side doesnt. Atleast not all the way. Here's an image below.
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  1. The image didn't get attached, can you please send. I am sure you are fine as PCI-e 2.0 and PCI-e 3.0 are compatible, but different sizes for the higher bandwidths.

    But to confirm, can you add that pic?
  2. what is the card brand and model? a non-PCIE (AGP, for example) or a PCI non E card won't fit. the connectors are physically different.

    ah, it looks like an evga gtx 750ti card, yes? have you tried taking the card out and insert it evenly?
    when you try to put the card in, does anything on the motherboardget in the way?
  3. GeForce Gtx 750 ti
  4. that look like a pci slot. what the motherboard? or the make and model of the computer?
  5. Seems to me that you just need to make some minor adjustments. It looks similar to the PCI-e 2.0 vs PCI-e 3.0 issue as I mentioned before. The extra little tip/point with 4-5 pins is for SLI and not for the PCI-e slot.

    Try seating the card directly down into the slot. It looks like you tried rocking it in starting at the back. This happens to me sometimes with larger cards as the external face has problems seating into the case and around the MB. Don't use too much force, but enough to get it seated properly. The card should fit fine once properly seated.
  6. looks like a GA-F2A55M-S1 mobo.
    according to the specs, both revisions have top slot as the x16 slot.
    @OP, does anything on the case or motherboard tray (i.e. where the motherboard lies on the case) prevent from installation?
  7. it a microATX, you mean your case is in the way.
  8. Okay I got everything inserted correctly the fans on the video card working but now when install the hdmi cable or the vga cable nothing shows.
  9. Does the DVI port work?

    Do you have on-board video disabled?
  10. Nevermin I fix that as well. I was fooling with this thing for an hour or so.
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