Gigabyte Z97X SOC FORCE or Asus Maximus Vii Hero

I have an i7 4770k and Titan X SLI. I plan on overclocking cpu to 4.7ghz or higher if I can with Corsair Hydro H105 cooler in a Phantom NZXT 410 midtower case. The SOC Force is on sale for $160 meanwhile Maximus VII Hero is $220. Which one should I get and will benefit me the most? I also have an SSD, internal hdd, and tplink wdn4800 wifi card if that'll help.
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    I would go with the Maximus VII Hero. I have a Asus motherboard (the Asus Z97 Pro Gamer - £120) and all Asus motherboards come with some excellent features and software. Asus AI suite is amazing, you can change fan speeds, monitor temperatures, overclock manually, automatically overclock, do stresss tests and more!

    Overall the Maximus VII Hero looks like it has more features, and Asus motherboards are generally one of the best makes of motherboards so I would highly recommend it.

    Hope this helps :)
  2. how about this guy? made for extreme overclocks. so much so that they added a second 8pin cpu power connector for super high liquid nitrogen overclocking and made it waterproof. I have one. its awesome.

    second choice would be the asus board.
  3. Thanks for the other suggestion, but it's really only between these 2 boards because they're the only high-end ones available at Fry's in my price range. I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte because I've read some reviews that showed 4770k's getting 4.8ghz stable while asus only hit 4.6 with same model. What exactly would I be getting with the hero that would warrant the $60 higher price tag? Also, the gigabyte has more usb ports for me.
  4. The Maximus VII Hero has way more features and capabilities. More software and better software than the other board.
  5. What about the Asus sabertooth mark 2?
  6. Douglas Harris said:
    What about the Asus sabertooth mark 2?

    Also very good, similar to the hero.
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