grand theft auto 5 heavy stuttering and lag while driving only. help needed

specs: i5-4210u@ 1.70ghz upto 2.7ghz via turbo boost, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd, nvidia geforce 820m 2gb, windows 8.1. is the insufficient ram causing this? will a ram upgrade to 8gb help solve this stuttering? please suggest something. all your suggestions will be fully considered. the game is totally unplayable due to severe lag and stuttering while driving cars. i also know that the gpu is not good for this game but the game can run smoothly with these specs. watch this:
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    Everyone has lag & stuttering when driving in GTA V. To be sure, more RAM is dfeinitely helpful, especially since you're running 64-bit Windows (required for GTA V).


    The biggest issue is your CPU. It's a pseudo-quad-core (dual-core with HyperThreading), and its core speed isn't even as good as the minimum Core 2 Quad required for GTA V (Q6600 = 2.4GHz per core). Unfortunately, all of the i5 & i7 CPUs that would be compatible with your machine (Socket BGA 1168) are dual-core HT models, so even assuming you could replace the CPU you wouldn't see much improvement. And, given the type of CPU & your GPU, I'm betting this is a laptop, which means little to no capability to replace the CPU (let alone get a better motherboard).

    Best bet is, if possible, add more RAM, & turn down the details & resolution to help keep it as smooth as possible. Also turn on vsync & set it for at least 30FPS.
  2. lag fixed completely. running game on normal settings,only reflection resolution is high. turning v-sync on and setting directx version from 11 to 10.1 solved this lag, according to me. thank you very much. game running smoothly @ 40-50 fps. please pass on this message to people with similar issues in gta 5.
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