Cpu death occured, need assistance for why

I had my 1100T 6 core athelon for several years when it just stopped working. I got a new one AMD FX-4350, 4 core.

I ran it maybe 45 minutes when it too died, currently waiting for replacement.

My theories.

1. It was a dud, can happen.

2. Power supply works but age now gives it some odd surging or something that fried both cpus (really hope not)
3. Was playing an alpha mmo game, still testing and such. Played a while but it updates pretty often and the second cpu died 5-10 minutes after I started playing it,

CPU temps were in the 50-60 range when I was browsing, cpu died before I felt a decent interval to check temps under decent and steady load.

I don't have the $$$ to buy another cpu anytime soon, so any assistance to keep the replacement alive would be welcome.
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  1. Motherboard or PSU may be the culprits.
  2. I thought the motherboard was dead at first, not cpu, so I had a new mobo that the new cpu went into. I really hope it isn't a cpu problem. Gonna take me a month to get enough for a 500+ watt and I'm a pc addict. =(
  3. PSU then, make and model?
  4. coolmax 540 watt. Black. Can't remember anything from when I bought it. So went by stuff on the side.

    Found this in newegg history.
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    Coolmax is a brand to avoid and probably is your issue. tier 5
  6. I just want to cry.
  7. Would this be a good choice to get next month?
  8. Yes it is excellent quality!
  9. Thank you very much for your help. Now I just have to last another month without my pc
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