External HDD stops while copying larg files

Dear All

Recently I have bought a new external hard disk drive (Seagate 1T USB 3.0 NTSF). When I try to copy large files or large amount of files is continue copying and then slow down till stops in 0 KBps. The HDD disconnect and after some seconds it connect again but a warning appears that the USB is unrecognized. This problem does not happen with my other laptop which has Windows 7 and USB 2.0. My newer laptop has Windows 8.1 and USB 3.0.

I have performed the following steps:

1. I have disconnected and connect again. PC recognizes the HDD but if I try to copy large files the same problem happened again.

2. I have checked for the driver update and all the drivers are up to date.
I have uninstalled all drivers of USB and then restarted the laptop. But again the same happened.

3. I read in forum that the USB 3.0 has the feature of power save which disconnect the HDD so as per suggestion I change the USB settings - USB selective suspend setting to disable. Still the same problem...

Could someone please help me?
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  1. Hi there roi123,

    Even though the drive works fine on USB 2.0 ports, this could be a cable related issue. So, it may be a good idea to just attach the drive with a different USB cable.
    Is the drive recognized by Device Manager and how?(your Win 8.1 laptop) In case it is, you can: Uninstall the device -> unplug it -> reboot system -> plug it back in and wait to automatically install drivers.
    Do you have more than one USB port? It will not hurt to attach the drive to a different port as well.

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