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So my PC was slowish recently so O decided to run chkdsk. Now its been stuck on 50% 4 of 5 stage for about 15 hours. In the meantime I read dozens of threads about this and it seems like its a common thing for dskchk to run for 48 or more hours and appear to be stuck at times. I dont mind waiting HOWEVER my concern is that hdd light isnt blinking at all while its been stuck on this file. Should I even wait at thos point or is dskchk hung up? Any suggestions? ;/ Thanks.
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  1. Way another day or two. It tends to hang sometimes

    If not, abort it and try running again. Gets stuck there again it won't pass that percentage
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    Hi there Kabelis,

    I would advise to wait for a while as well. If the issue persists, I guess you need to cancel it at one point. After that, the first thing you need to do is to just back up the most important data stored on the drive.
    After that, you need to test the drive with some HDD testing tool:

  3. Alright thanks guys, Ill let it run for 1 more day I guess.
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