Best Free Hard-drive backup software?

Hey guys,

I recently decided i should probably Backup my harddrive because i have two 2TB drives in my PC but im only using one. I wanted to just completely copy one drive onto the other so if it fails all i have to do is plug in the other.

Firstly, Is this possible for everything including the OS?
and Secondly, Whats the best free software to do this?

thanks, :)
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  1. One-time copies mean that, should you have to switch to the secondary drive, it would only be as current as the last time you copied. What you're asking for isn't backup; it's mirroring. This functionality is what RAID 1 is all about. That's best implemented, for speed reasons, in hardware.
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    You can use built in windows tools to backup a drive to another location. You can use ImageX, or other drive imaging software (tons around if you google it) to image one drive on to the other. You can also do as Gangrel suggests and setup a RAID1 which actually fills both drives with the same data so that if a drive fails you can just replace it and it will rebuild the new drive from the working one. That has some advantages of read speed because each drive can read data when requested rather than having only one drive to do reads.
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