What does this mean in the EVGA Power Supply?

Hello, I came across a EVGA power supply and there is a 750 Watt B1 power supply, and a 750 Watt B2 Power Supply, what is the difference between B1 and B2, what is B1 and B2?? The link is
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  1. PSU tier list :
    Different OEM.
    EVGA Supernova B2 made by Super Flower - tier 2 psu.
    EVGA Supernova NEXB - made by FSP - tier 3 psu.
  2. yeah.. u just dont take a b1.. take b2
  3. The B2 is a superflower based unit, higher quality than the B1.
    The B2 is also semi-modular where the B1 is not.
  4. What does that even mean lol so anyways nothing will happen if I buy the b1 like there won't be noticable differences?
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    The B2 uses higher quality components that will tend to last longer.
    You can also remove the cables you wont be using from the B2.

    I recommend getting the B2 unit over the B1. The performance is the "same" but it is higher quality.
  6. okok.. u are not particularly good with tier list..
    tier list is a list created by tomshardware for people like us to get the best psu..
    tier 1 -very good psu
    tier 2 -good psu
    tier 3- average psu(u should avoid these from here)..
    b1 is a tier 3 psu which is not good for u pc and might damage your components when it fails..
    b2 is a tier 2 psu which is good with low failure rate..
  7. Thanks Lads! Cheers
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