Can I run watch dogs on intel i7 2 Gb ram and nvidia geforce 210?

I have my hp pc with nvidia geforce 210 and which is with Intel i7 core processor and my computer is with 2 BG ram, so will I be able to run watch dogs in low settings smoothly????????
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  1. No, i would be very surprised if the game even ran at all, and if it did, you would have a terrible frame rate, and would stutter all over the place. Watchdogs is a very poorly optimized game, and it requires quite a bit of vram, which you only have 512mb of.
  2. my frnd has gt9400 and 4gb ram.. it opens up.. but stutters like hell.. out of curiosity i installed fraps to see frame rates.. and ive seen something like never before.. 1fps..
    so all i want to say is it opens up .. but u will have hard time playing it..real hard time
  3. Game will open but you can't play even in the lowest setting. To play the latest games, you will need something like AMD R9 270X or nVIDIA GTX 750 Ti coupled with atleast 4GB of RAM though I would recommend 8GB for smooth gameplay. So you will need around 15K INR to get these things.
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    shiva92 is right.
    Either you upgrade or don't play.
    It'll heat up your GT210 like hell. It might get damaged too.
    Buy at least a 660 or a 750Ti.... You can also go for used cards if your budget is low.
    A used GTX 660 should cost around 8-9k
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