Will my Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming support an overclocked FX 8350 processor?

Wondering if a fx 8350 + Msi 970 Gaming would be a good match.

Even though they're saying it is fully compatible I got these following doubts: how much can I overclock the fx8350 with this motherboard? and would a processor with a TDP of 125W (which I found out that is even higher running at load) be a problem for the mobo?

The thing is, I don't feel like getting another motherboard (I know this one is good and all) to run it well. so I'm asking for any suggestions from you guys. Should I choose a different fx as the 8320e or 8370e? D:
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    It will run and OC fine .
    Avoid the E models if you want performance .

    I would buy the 8320 and start OCing using Overdrive or Catalyst .
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