R9 295X2 - Placing radiator on bottom of case? Why does AMD say mount above card?

I have been building a computer, and worked on installing the R9 295X2 today. I am using a Define R4 case, and have the H100i mounted on top, and there really is not room to mount the R9's radiator in place of the rear 140 mm fan.

I test installed the radiator in the case bottom, with the fan in pull mode pulling through the radiator and into the case. The case has good ground clearance, and I would plan to get it off the ground a little more to ensure that it is pulling clean air.

However, after installing it I read that AMD says to mount it above the card. Why would that matter in a closed loop system...it would fight gravity one way if mounted above or below, correct?

I could mount in front, and move that 140 mm fan, but the front strikes me as having less airflow be cause it is restricted by the front cover.

Thoughts? Thanks
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  1. Gravity wont make a difference as there are 2 tubes going different ways and cancelling each other out, if you mount it at the bottom the pump still has to pump water from the bottom to the card.

    This probably has to do with the way heat rises rather than falls so it would be better to put it at the top where the heat wont go right back to the GPU

    this is an educated guess
  2. its to insure any air trapped or in the system rises to the top trapped air bubbles can cause something like whats called vapor lock effect air in the loop can cause issues [hamper flow, air trapped in pump may affect its prime and trap heat noisy gurgling sounds, ..ect... ]
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