ASUS X99 motherboard + intel 5820K CPU Questions

i got the following motherboard:

ASRock X99 Extreme4 Intel LGA 2011-3 ATX Motherboard

and it costs:

$349.00 AUD. with the :
Intel Core i7 5820K Haswell-E 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.3GHz CPU Processor which costs $540.00 AUD.

Now the question is, i need a motherboard with the same features as the above one but i need it to support onboard graphics offered by the intel cpu. I need it to have SLI support for nvidia GPU's so i can link them together and support cross fire. It should not cost more then $349.00 AUD. I really want the Best quality motherboard and CPU with onboard graphics TOO.

I DO NOT use cpu's with no video memory chip built in. It should have at least 1GB of vram embeded with the cpu. I need suggestions on the best cpu less then $520.00 AUD and best motherboard that has 64GB or more ram support. The speeds should support: 3200Mhz or more speeds. I need it to support ATX or EATX and i need it to have a fast FSB as well.
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    You don't have a choice. The socket 2011-V3 does not offer any integrated graphics options. You expected to have at least a graphic card to run with a 2011-v3 build since you paying that much for the cpu, the motherboard and the ram. It's why it is classified as the Enthusiast platform.
  2. @Suztera is correct. LGA 2011/2011-v3 boards don't have on board graphics. LGA 2011/2011-v3 CPUs do not have integrated graphics either.
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