elgato game capture HD 60 + PS4 + Splitter = no dolby digital

I'm having an issue with the ps4 and the elgato.. wondering if its the same for others..

With the Xbox one.. if i connect an hdmi splitter between the xbox one and the game capture HD.. i get dolby digital on my denon receiver no issues.. even with the game capture hdmi "line" active..

If i do the same with the ps4.. i go from dolby digital working.. to plxII or stereo.. if i remove the cable from the splitter then all returns to normal..

hoping there is some trick to making this work.. splitter at fault here... i've tried 3 with no success..

Thanks in advance
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  1. This same situation does not occur on an xbox, nor does it occur if i simply remove the elgato from one of the outputs of the splitter.
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