PowerColor AMD Radeon R7 250x Problem

I recently purchased a PC from iBUYPOWER with the following info

Asrock H81M-HDS Motherboard
Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5 GHz
8 GB DDR3 1600
400W PSU
Windows 8.1 64-Bit
AMD Radeon R7 250x 1GB

I've been through the ringer trying to get this thing to work. I can only get the display to work through the onboard graphics with the onboard as the primary. If I set the PCI-e as the primary, I get no display at all from either. Even using the onboard with the card installed, the system freezes on every restart. It only runs perfectly when the graphics card is completely removed. When I try to install drivers, the system freezes (this is after using Display Driver Uninstaller). If I try to install drivers in Safe Mode, I get a "Failed to load detection driver" error. I've tried new drivers and old drivers. I've re-installed Windows twice.

I've successfully installed the 14.12 driver once (I have no idea why it worked that one time). After switching the PCIe back to primary and plugging the output into the card, I still got no picture.

I'm at a loss at this point. I'm still cycling through drivers hoping one of them is the answer. Can it be the card was DOA? How can I be sure without a second machine to test it in?

Thanks for any help. If you need any more info I'm sure I can find it. I'm about ready to ship the darn thing off and start over.
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  1. I reckon maybe the power supply is bad. Usually, these companies that make gaming PCs use the bare minimum for Power supplies. What is the model of the power supply?
  2. celtic_warrior99 said:
    I reckon maybe the power supply is bad. Usually, these companies that make gaming PCs use the bare minimum for Power supplies. What is the model of the power supply?!17668&authkey=!AG-nn3HTC6TGzn4&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

    It probably isn't great (I don't know PSU very well) but it doesn't seem like a power problem. The system just locks up whenever it goes to access the GPU. It won't even make it to windows if I'm running the output from the graphics card with the PCIe as primary.

    So, Onboard Primary + Card Installed + Using Onboard = Freezes on restart, but otherwise works fine. Card appears in device manager with proper drivers.

    Onbard Primary + Card Installed + Using Card = No picture, but Windows seems to load fine (hard to tell with no picture)

    No Card Installed = Works 100%, no matter the primary

    PCIe Primary + Card Installed = Neither onboard or card display. Doesn't seem to even make it to Windows (I do not need to hold the power button down to manually shut down, just pressing it powers everything off).

    I'm hoping to borrow a GeForce 550ti so I can test it for sure, but until then I'm stuck.
    EDIT: Hopefully you can see the picture, no other method was working.
  3. Sorry, for some reason it says onedrive servers are having issues. I'll try in a few minutes.
  4. And I just had a look, it is recommended that a 450W psu is used for an R7 250X. but still try with the 550ti and see if it works
  5. Just got the 550ti installed and sure enough it works without a hitch.

    Could the difference between the two be enough to cause such a drastic change in performance, or do we have a confirmed DOA card?
  6. Well the 550ti only needs a 400W PSU at minimum. Is there any chance that you could test the R7 250X in another PC? Maybe a friends?
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    This is a comparison of a GTX 550ti and an R7 250. The R7 here is not the X version, which means that its not overclocked.
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