ssd trim superfetch ahci settings

I unsalted a ssd and need to know how to set up or disable trim and superfetch and if my bios needs to be changefed from data ahci...any simple tool kits for win 7 pro HP THANKS Any other advice would be appreciated
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    "I unsalted a ssd"

    Do you mean you uninstalled an ssd? Are you planning to just use hard disk drives or do you mean something else? Providing a little more information about your data storage plans would be helpful in suggesting a solution.

    There is no need or requirement to switch from AHCI mode to IDE mode in the motherboard's system BIOS. Modern solid state drives, most hard disk drives, and optical drives all use AHCI mode.

    TRIM is Microsoft Windows features. Why do you want to disable TRIM? I just want to get an idea of what your thinking instead of trying to guess.
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