I want to buy speakers for 5.1 i have 7.1 sound card integral to motherboard.How can i cnnect them?

Hi!!.I want to buy speakers 5.1 (Creative Inspire T6300).I have 7.1 integral sound card to motherboard (gigabyte h97m-hd3) with 3 pins 1 for mic (red-pink)1 for headphones(green) and 1(blue).How can i connect the speakers to my integral sound card without many costs?PLZ HELP ME!!!!
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  1. The speaker needs to conect 1 black 1 green and 1 orange can i connext them to my motherboard?.If i can not plz recoment me speakers to buy TY!!!
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    Black plug into blue on PC
    Green plug into green on PC
    orange plug into pink on PC
  3. Firtst thanks you for your answer!Now i dont have the speakerts yet but i think that the pink is only for mic you can use it as a plag for speaker?If this doesnt work can you recoment a good 7.1 sound card and cheap TY!
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