BSOD: BAD_POOL_HEADER caused by ntoskrnl, windows unable to boot normally. Help!

I'm using safe mode right now, and I've downloaded BlueScreenViewer. It states that ntoskrnl.exe is the one causing this BSOD. I've tried doing system restores and clean rebooting to no avail.


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Storage: 931GB Seagate (SATA)
As for the rest: I can't view them due to safe mode, don't know what the names are.
RAM: As above, but I know it is 3 sticks of 4GB RAM each.

The dump:

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    AVG can cause this stop error. Uninstall it then use their removal tool. To remove the rest of it

    I would also uninstall ASUS AI Charger Plus. This is a known cause of crashes
  2. That did it! Thanks so much!

    P.S I'll uninstall ASUS AI Charger Plus as well.
  3. Excellent !
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