Cannot getthe gigabit 990FXA UD3 motherboard to post at all

Hey guys I know there have been other threads on this subject but I could not find the solution among them. I have done a refit on my old gaming rig. I purchased:
AMD FX 8350 cpu
gigabit 990FXA UD3 board
corsair H75 liquid cooling
16gb corsair vengance 1600MHZ
750watt PSU
Nvidia Geforce 770

I did a rookie mistake and installed the board components and all into the case. The CPU fans and video card came to life but no post beeps and no video from the HDMI.
Took the board back out rechecked my shunts tried one ram stick at a time. The only result I got was the lights would flick on for half a second and then go out. So I removed the entire build from the case and breadbooard the mobo graphics card PSU and front panel jumpers. Board wont even power on now. I have checked to make sure the 12v atx power and the 24 pin are installed on the board. I have a cpu fan on the board still wont power up for me on the breadboard (no ram installed) I am not sure if the CPU MOBO or both are no good please help!
Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes!!
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    The Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 requires BIOS version F9 or later to support AMD FX 8350.

    So may be you need to update the BIOS? Board won't post if the existing BIOS version doesn't support the CPU.
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