The Best Free and Light Anti Virus programs for Old hardware Thread.

Kindly help and old laptop user out and other users out by linking or listing good free and light anti virus for a retro gaming brother. Thanks This will also help out others. :)
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  2. I would also concur with Outlander_04. I use Avast along with Malwarebytes premium protection. They do not conflict with each other.
  3. Avast ????? For god sake NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  4. For malwares Malwarebyte is excellent solution but light antivirus is much harder to find . Maybe Bitdefender. Avast and especially Avira are out of question!!
  5. Your brain is the best free and light antivirus.
  6. This is a pretty old thread but wanted to let everyone know that Avast Free does still support Windows XP, if you are on SP3.
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