4GB RAM, only 3.2GB Usable, Help! [Reserved Memory]

So, i have Asus X550DP with A10 5750m, APU HD 8650G + GPU HD8670M and 4GB RAM
And when i check on "My Computer" properties, it shown that i can only use 3.2GB from 4GB ram

And when i check at "Resource Monitor" on my laptop, it says that 814MB of my RAM is used for "Hardware Reserved"

I have checked my maximum RAM settings on msconfig, and its disabled (Which mean it will use maximum RAM maybe)

And i don't have memory remapping settings on my BIOS.

Is it because my Integrated Graphic Card? or is there anyway to remove this thing?

Thanks before and sorry for my bad english.
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    Your integrated graphics card, 8650G, uses the rest of the memory. Your laptop is working as it should.
  2. Are you using 32bit Windows ?
  3. as thymanbearpig said the APU using some of system memory as video memory..

    it's normal..

    edit: i don't know a way to set the memory igpu use, maybe there an option in bios maybe there aren't,
    maybe disable cfx reduce the vmem.. (don't have any experience in it)

    anyways i think, don't need to do anything, the benefit for gains more memory by making the vmem smaller
    may not as big as you think, and there will be downside too.... (your apu/igpu crippled)
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