Brand new build wont boot, goes straight to black screen, no bios even.

I just put together all my parts for my new computer
evga 500w psu
asrock h97m anniversary mobo
intel i3 4150 3.5ghz dual core cpu
xfx radeon r9 280x double dissipation black edition 3gb gpu
crucial ballistics 8gb RAM
old CD drive from last computer
seagate 1tb HDD

I put everything together and checked it twice and it gets a black screen when i turn it on. cpu and gpu fans start up then slow down but keep going. everything seems to be going fine except that it wont show me anything on the screen. any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide pictures if needed.

Update: took everything off except cpu, ram, and the power supply but still getting nothing but a black screen.
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    Which EVGA 500, I normally go at least a 550 with 30 AMPs on the 12 volt for a rig like this with a 280X and for this 280X, XFX recommends a 750 PSU
  2. What are you using for a monitor? The monitor needs to support 1280x1024, which some TVs don't, especially over HDMI. Do you have another monitor you can try?
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