MSI Gaming 5 wont post, tried almost everything

Hello everyone, I recently built my first computer using an MSI gaming 5, an I7 4790k, and a gigabyte gtx 970. My computer was working perfect for 5 days while playing Skyrim with mods and everything on ultra. The other day, I fell asleep while the computer was on the home screen. When I got back it was off (which is normal since its sleep time is set to 30mn) but when I tried to turn it, nothing including the fans would start. I tried holding the power button but that only turned on the blue debugging light but the led lights would not show a code.

I've tried following advice from other posts and trouble shooting each part. I have removed the gpu, and disconnected everything except the power to the motherboard and cpu. I have also tried placing the ram in different slots. Ive even tried taking everything apart from the case and then rebuilding it. I then rebuilt it double checking everything.... Nothing has changed, the debugging light only turns after holding the power button for a few seconds and the leds are still not showing any code.

I believe its either the cpu, psu, or motherboard.... Any help getting it to work would be appreciated as im pretty bumbed right now since its my first build :/
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  1. what you are describing wouldnt be your cpu. it is most definitely psu or mobo. sounds like mobo. your quickest bet is to buy a psu tester or try the psu in another machine before you have to do a lengthy mobo rma.
  2. Okay, well I just ordered the tester. Is there anyway I can test the motherboard. And if I installed everything correctly and did not over clock, I shouldnt of jeopardized my mobo warranty right?
  3. doesnt sound like you jeopardized it at all. i dont think they can tell if you overclock anyway. they tell you not to oc to scare you in my opinion. its like telling someone you want to claim your accidental warranty for your phone that you clearly hit with a hammer. you gotta pretend like you dont know what happened.

    anyway theres really no way to know its the mobo other than to rule things out. call the manufacturer and they will give you advice and walk you through it too if you are still unsure. also if its under 14 days the place you ordered it may take it back or replace it still.
  4. Okay, just making sure. I just find it weird that motherboard just suddenly failed for no apparent reason
  5. i had to rma mine after 3 months. would only post 50% of the time. took me a day or two to figure it out. new one works like a charm.
  6. Well thank you for all the help! I just checked my PSU with the PSU voltage meter and looks fine. I'll assume its the motherboard and RMA it tomorrow
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