Water cooling vs Air cooling. Advice on installation.

Hi everyone,
I recently started to build my own computer. It will be a monster of a pc so I just wanted some advice with cooling. I have not fully decided if I should use liquid cooling or traditional air cooling. I am aware that liquid is more expensive but works slightly better. But what I would like to know is it hard to install and is there any maintenance issues with it. Or am I better just to stick with the easy lazy option of fan cooling. Installation would be my biggest concern.
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  1. Please list your components , use of the PC ?
    Air is more reliable and just as efficient if you have correctly set up fan configuration.
    Custom water is more exspensive but can outperform air.
    All depends on what your using the PC for how far you want to push an overclock .
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    Installing a all in one cooler like a H100i GTX is not any harder than installing something like a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO air cooler just a few more steps are involved since you must mount the radiator.
    With a all in one water cooler their no more maintenance than a air cooler you still need to blow out the dust sometimes.
    When you get into a custom loop water cooler then you get into a lot more maintenance.
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