Games crashes with weird graphic artifacts GT740M

Nvidia Geforce GT740m
750 GB

Yesterday while I was playing Counter Strike my laptop froze (had to hard-restart it) in something looking like this:

the weird graphic artifacts were stuck, not playing around or flicking, just stuck, like they were a part of the image. Weird thing is that the Counter strike screen turned black (You can't see anything) while the UI of Counter Strike did not!

Anyways, I hard-rested my laptop and tried to re-create the problem to see if the problem will occur again. and it did not..

But 5 minutes ago at the start up of Dishonored it happened again (at some part where no models or 3D rendering is required i guess, it's at the startup credits about the software that was used etc. etc,)
But I did not have to hard-rested this time, I could just alt+tab (or I ctrl + shift + esc , i don't remember, one of the two, does not matter) and I could see on the down right corner of my taskbar the nvidia icon popping up messages saying "The Nvidia driver has crashed and has been restarted again" or something like that. But it was not just one message, but one message after the other.

Anyway, I restarted my PC to make my GPU stop going crazy... Since I installed lots of new software the last 1-2 days I decided to do a system restore (10/6/2015) and installed the new GT-740m drivers.

Now, can someone tell me what should I do?

Gpu and CPu drivers are both fine while gaming.

60-63 going up to 75. (Both). I don't play any heavy games but could it possibly be that I have burned my GPU? Would not those graphical artifacts be displayed all the time if there was a hardware problem with my GPU? Should I try furMark for 30 minutes and see how it goes?
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