Crossfire set-up v/s Dedicated graphics card for AMD A10 7850k - NOT a heavy gamer.


I am currently running the following configuration:-
- AMD A-Series A10-7850K
- ASRock FM2A88X Pro+, FM2+, ATX
- 8GB-Kit G.Skill RipJawsX DDR3-2133
- Corsair VS Serie VS450, Non-Modular, 80+
- Crucial SSD 120GB BX100

My PC is primarily used for daily tasks like surfing, watching videos, editing photos, coding and sometimes for playing games (mostly simulators ETS2, OMSI2 etc.). I would now like to add a dedicated graphics card to it. The use wont change much other than the fact that I might game a bit more on my PC than I did before. This is because I just sold off my XBOX 360 since I am not a hardcore gamer and I did not use it much. I wont be doing Hi-Res gaming where every frame counts.
So i have two questions now:-
1. What is better in terms of performance crossfire set-up or a dedicated graphics card for a particular budget ? I am aware that for crossfire , the AMD A10 is compatible only with R7 240/250. Where as if i go for a dedicated graphics card, i ll be making my onboard graphic pretty much useless.

2. I currently have a budget of 100 to 130 USD. Which graphic card would be a bang for the buck buy that would give me the best performance for my needs.
(NOT a heavy gamer).

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    Discrete one GPU FTW. Trust me, the majority who uses Dual Graphics Crossfire ends up regretting it.
    Get the GTX 750Ti for a card at your price range.
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