Best mainboard for intel xeon 3210?

I got 1 old Intel Xeon 3210, i want to buy a mainboard support it but too many for buy, im confuse ~.~
Plz advise one good mainboard around 100-120$
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    here is a really good board. and it is less then $100

    just wondering are you using DDR3 ram or DDR2 ram because there are boards that support DDR2 for the 775 socket
  2. i really need to know if you are using DDR2 or DDR3 before i can tell you witch motherboard to really get.
  3. Ah, i got: 2x2 gb ddram3, bus 1333.
    Power: CM 650
  4. they will work
  5. Thank, i'll check it out.
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