What PSU is good for i7 4790k 4.6GHz and 2 290's OC plus 4x Radeon 1866 RAM on a Asus Maximus VII HERO

Looking for a compatible PSU. Wattage/pins/etc.
Rest of my rig is 1Tb HDD 3Tb HDD 2 250 Gb SSDs on raid 1 and 0. H100i on CPU, h55/kraken g10 bracket on both 290x cards all in a 760t case
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    EVGA G2 1000W or Seasonic X1050W.
    You should get at least a 1000W psu.
    If you want a Corsair psu, then the AX1200i or HXi 1000W
  2. EVGA G2 1000W
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