Xbox 360 controller stops working on pc

I have bought an xbox 360 wired controller and it works fine nd i played 2 3 games on my pc with it... But suddenly it stops working but when i plug it again and again seldom it works sometimes not.. Wht could be the issue???? plz help.
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  1. If you unplug it and replug it right after, sometimes windows doesn't notice it's missing and doesn't properly remove the hardware, so when you plug it back in there's a device conflict.

    Restarting your PC will fix this, as will not plugging it in again and again.
  2. I am running Windows 10 and using the XBone controller and sometimes i stop using the controller for a few seconds and it also disconnects. Unpluging and repluging works 100% of the time.

    I suspect USB cable does not seat very well.

    I am planning to buy the wireless receiver once it is out.
  3. Yeah, both my Xbox1 controller and Nvidia Shield controller developed issues staying connected to my PC. But my PS3 controller that i abuse super hard, always knocking it off the table or stepping on it or whatever works f-ing perfectly.
  4. Try using a different USB hub; the 360 controller draws a LOT of current, and it's possible the hub might simply be overburdened.
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