What do you guys think is the best paid antivirus protection?

First things first, I am not trying to create a huge argument on which one is better and that type of thing.

I'm building my first gaming computer and I am really excited because I am almost done (all I need is the ssd, Windows 10, and my graphics card). But today I heard about ransomware and I am kind of paranoid about it now.

I don't want to get my new computer up and running just to have some douche hack it. I know to keep Windows updated constantly and my web browser updated but that doesn't let me feel safe.

Right now I am using the free version of Avast! do you think the paid version would be enough? Or is there a better one to help prevent this type of stuff. I really don't spend more than $50 for a year subscription.


Avast! (the link is showing you what you get with each paid versions): If it's good, I'm shooting for the Premier version.
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    The 3 best anti-virus programs are Eset NOD32, Kaspersky and Avast. Apart from that, common sense is what will save you from most viruses - don't download or install things from shady websites, don't fall for phishing and phishing e-mails (normally those are super easy to figure out) and such usual stuff. Downloading Malwarebytes to scan your computer as well as having an anti-virus is also pretty good. That's about it, really.
  2. i feel any option only leads yourself to being more vulnerable.
    ill add to common sense from nextg_rival

    a good password, the douch hack you speak of isnt coming through some
    ultrasecret backdoor that is only protected by Avast! premier $4.99
    its the same "Bigtimmy6969" password your still using from the monster truck forums
    brute force or sold, information isnt hard to come by.

    but giving the keys to your personal stuff to a large(ish) antivirus company and
    expect bank like structure/execution... doesnt sit well.

    In fact, if I were a smarter person.
    starting a antivirus company that also moonlit "virus" creation.
    add alittle virus detection media hyperbole
    sounds like some decent commas off just the $50 yearly
    selling the data collected by the "Terms of Use Agreement" everyone has to click.

    all just my opinion and your money.
    or if i was smarter, my money
  3. Ive used webroot secure anywere for years and I have never got a virus. It has real time scanning, warns you before you visit a infected website, it finds almost anything including ransomware and is extremely light on resources. Heres the pc mag review.
  4. TBH ESET NOD 32 is a really amazing anti-virus, I am yet to see a single successful infection while this thing is installed, but internet safety is really a mix of good preparation (like antivirus) as well as common sense. Common sense is usually the bigger factor IMHO. You are right about the password thing, I think there are programs called password managers or something like that which make it even easier to use different complex passwords and remember them.
  5. I can only agree with common sense being the biggest factor.
    as a pirate and streamer, warez and torrent sites to firstrowsports style pop up attacks. lots of Gb downloaded daily
    I have yet to be accosted or infected by hostile files

    just like learning to drive.
    hands on home row, drive defensively.
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