Need help with CPU bottleneck. Best processor to match a GTX 970 OC? AMD/Intel?

My current setup is;
970A-DS3 Motherboard
AMD fx 4350 clocked at 4.2
GTX 970 ASUS Strix OC
branded 650w PSU
8GB ram
1TB 7200rpm seagate

I am certain my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU so I need to upgrade my CPU. I need some help in choosing which is the best to upgrade to. preferably AMD but as said below I can change.

In the event that switching to Intel is a better option I'm all for it. my price range for a new motherboard and processor for intel is 200 - 220 gbp (I can creep over that of course)
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  1. Since you already have the AMD Mobo, go for AMD FX 8350. It will be the best processor to match with this Card with that Board. Only need to change the processor. That's all. I think even an FX 6300 or FX 6350 will do the job.
  2. With that mobo, if you invest the rest of the cash in an after market cooler, you can OC any of these chips to near 5 GHZ.
  3. Like sense said, AMD is probably the better option. I would go with the FX 4130, 3.8 gigahertz, if it fits. Like he said could probably OC to around 5 so if I were in your shoes go for it.
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