Stock FX8350 heat sink performance vs hyper evo 212

Awhile back I asked for opinions on different coolers and was pleased with the results. I was curious what the difference in performance would be between these two heatsinks? That is to say how much of a temp drop could I expect by upgrading to an evo212. Would it be worth it?

Edit: I've also been told Artic Silver will further drop the temperature. Can anyone confirm this?
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  1. If both are clean while gaming -

    stock cooler 62C

    hyper 212 evo 54C
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    I've got no confirmation if Arctic Silver will provide better thermal paste quality than most others.

    Here the comparison of the stock AMD cooler vs. the Hyper 212 Evo:

    The Hyper 212 Evo is significantly better and is a lot more silent. There is a lot of difference in sound.
  3. The stock heatsink with the 8350 is junk. An eve 212 would greatly improve your temps, and make much less noise doing it.
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