Computer games freezing then crashing with no error messages. Out of ideas and need help!!!

Hey guys I have been having trouble fixing a recent issue of having my computer games freeze up and crash all together or just keep freezing off and on. There are no error messages following a crash. The only time I have this problem is while attempting to run games.
I have updated my nvidia driver from 353.06 to 353.12 then when that didn't work i uninstalled it completely and reinstalled fresh which didn't help. Next I used CCleaner to clean my pc along with scanning for issues with my registry. Still having the same issue. I checked and no cores are parked either (read somewhere I should check). I have FurMark stressed tested my GPU and the results showed no issues. To test my memory I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic which came up clean. I would love some help because I really don't know what to do now and feel lost. I am not very tech savvy so i'm sure i'm missing a bunch of processes to help identify this issue so please if I am please let me know!!
PC Specs:
Geforce GTW 560SE (Driver version 353.12)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860@ 2.80GHz
4.00 GB RAM
Windows 7
Xion 700w PSU

This computer is around 5 years old. The only updated part is the GPU and memory because my first set of 2x2GB were faulty. I realize I should probably build a new comp but my personal finances are not in a position to do so.
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    I had same problem with my gtx660ti and i could't fix it. WatchDogs, Far Cry 4, COD Advanced Warfare... I cried, I thought that I threw away my money. Then I discovered that holy video on youtube with fix. Eventualy your gpu is problem(as mine was), you need to put boost clock to be same as boost limit. You will need Kepler Bios tweaker, NVflash, and GPU-Z.
    I will leave link down there. You will save your gpu firmware with GPU-Z. Then you will open Kepler and drag-and-drop you GK104.rom file(your firmware).You need to find boost clock and lower it to be like boost limit. Then click save bios button and exit. Put saved rom in same folder with nvflash files, run run.bat and follow the instructions in bat. That's it!
    Kepler BIOS:
    NVflash(4 files, put all them in 1 folder and then run!!!):

    Good luck!
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