What do you guy's think?! Good or bad build?? im plannig on buying a custom build to play games such as fallout 4 :) and do student level 3d modelling work! what do you goys think is this a worthy build for those two?!
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    1. The Krait is a very poor gaming MoBo, I'd suggest the MSI Gaming 5 shown in the image.

    2. The RM series is not recommended (7.0 Build Quality)

    3. The SSD won't hold many games, so the games on the HD will receive no benefit. Would recommend a SSHD to give a 50% increase in those games,2915.html

    4. You should be able to get 1866 or 2133 at the same price.

    5. If you are interested in understanding what physical, design and component differences account for the differences in performance between cards, read this before pulling the trigger.

    6. 3D modeling performance will depend on the App used. AutoCAD 3D runs better on geforce cards but many 3D programs run best on Quadro cards and don't run at all on GTX / Radeon
  2. hell no.

    use pcpartpicker

    for that price you can get a much better rig,
  3. Partpicker only serves 8 countries tho .... and where it does serve prices can be very different. Those prices look about right for Australia / New Zealand
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