can this psu run an additional graphics card

i have a the current system i have running is an amd fx-8320 no oc, r9 280, can this psu run r9 270 in addition to the r9 280, and if so where should i plug it in. (i have a molex to 6 pin adapter)
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  1. You can't crossfire the two cards.

    Also apevia psu's are junk I would not risk adding another card in there.
  2. in that case (not computer case) what should i get as a replacement psu in the same price range
  3. i know i cant crossfire but according to another person on here i can run both
  4. in the system it just didnt mention psu requirements
  5. You can get high quality psus from Seasonic, SuperFlower, Corsair, Antec (most are good), etc.

    A 750w one will do from them.

    Your apevia psu may be advertised as 800w but it probably cannot handle that much without smoking/catching on fire.
  6. so what for roughly the same price range will give me compareable power output and hopefully be able to power both my r9 280 and my r9 270
  7. You cannot run both. They will not work together to perform better than each individual card.

    you will get no advantage at all for using both cards.
  8. except for bragging rights
  9. No bragging rights really. People will know that it does nothing and is pointless.
  10. not the idiots i deal with lol
  11. regardless what is a good psu in the 80 to 130 dollar range
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    Antec, XFX, Seasonic, EBGA (Gs,G2,B2)
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