my pc details......mob--gigabite ga-p35 ds3pram--4 1 1=6 gb ddr2 800 speed cpu---intel c2d e--6850psu---tharmaltech though p

my pc details......
mobo--Gigabite ga-p35 ds3p
ram--4+1+1=6 gb ddr2 800 speed
cpu---Intel core 2 due e--6850
psu---tharmaltech though power 600 watt
hard drive ----1--terabite
i want to know that,, nvidea gtx 280 will run in this requirements?
please tell me immediately...sir
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    your pc will run; just not at maximum load. but if you push it, you risk damaging your other components because your psu is not capable of providing the power your gpu needs.
    but the 700w version is more than enough
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