Upgrading a 2009 Lenovo H420 GFX

Hi guys, I have a asi Lenovo H420 with an intel celeron cpu g530 w.4GHz processor with 8GB Ram in it. Wondering if this GFX card will run in it. I've upgraded the PSU to a 500W, it was originally only 280 which from forum, wouldn't power a decent GFX card.

If not, what card will do the trick, fit in with no problems and play Alien isolation on at least 800x600?

GeForce GT 740 perhaps?

Cheers for any help
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    That card should work fine in the Gateway and do the job at the low rez of 800x600. I'd expect it to perform fine even at one of the 720p resolutions. The GT 730 would be equally good at those specs.
  2. Cheers very much, clutchc. Now final problem. I've found out the PSU I'm gonna install is.. well.. crap. (Sumvision) and have been advised to go either Corsair or Antec. I've looked through the forums and seen a few people upgrading the higher end to this model but I have no idea when it comes to computer innerds. My eyesight is terrible, so I'll be having a friend install all the parts. I don't know whether this model needs a 20+4pin or a 24 pin adapter or what have you. Here's the full specs from a parts website to my direct serial number model...

    SN/ ES07871968

    ACBEL PC6001-EL9G ATX 280W PSU < Current model to be replaced.

    I'm looking at this one, but GAH! All help is appreciated.
  3. Hey there! I sorted it. The PSU and GFX card are in and I finally got to play Alien Isolation (Bit late but damn it's awesome!) However***
    Now I'm dealing with chppy online streaming video. I don't know what exactly is causing this. Games play fine (AI was smooth as hell) but I get a super crap video on Youtube and other streams. Media player etc work fine. Sound is fine. bandwidth fine.
    Any thoughts, guys?
  4. Probably the weak Celeron CPU. Might also be too much stuff running in the background. Do you have anything running in the background you can disable? Also, run CCLeaner and let it clean up junk files, registry errors, and other resource wasting crap you may have:

    Btw... I posted a reply to your 2nd question too. But I see it is missing now. I wonder what's up with that. Mods?
  5. Thanks, Clutchc. I never saw the second post. But I think I fixed it either way. At least temporarily til I can afford a new upgrade of motherboard etc (future and what not) I turned off hardware acceleration in firefox and the streams fixed.
    Thanks for such a quick response. This is the best tech forum I've found. Much in the way of cheers.
    EDIT: BTW I do have piniform business edition. That lil program is a gem!
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