Windows 7 won't boot normally but will boot in safe mode

Hi, I'm running Win 7 on an Acer Aspire laptop.
This morning the laptop froze while in use. After aprox 30 mins, it had not come back alive so I hit the power on button to turn it off. On restarting, I had the option to repair or start up normally.

Starting up normally, just loops back to the repair option screen after the windows logo shows. There's a brief flash of blue screen, but too quick to see if any error is listed there.

Repairing fails after taking aprox an hour.

I can boot up in safe mode (I'm in safe mode with networking now).

I ran system restore in safe mode - when Windows tried restarting I was stuck back in the repair/start up normally loop trying to get back into safe mode
System restore failed with error 0x80070005. I'm in safe mode - no antivirus is running to be disabled

I ran CHKDSK - no errors

Nothing is connected to the laptop other than the power cable and i have the start up loop even with that disconnected.

The laptop is getting old now at 4 years old, searching on similar issues would indicate a hard-drive error. But it starts fine in safe mode and with safe mode and networking.

Running malware bytes in safe mode shows no issues.

I haven't run AVG as I'm in safe mode and it's missing from the tray. The AVG folder in the start menu is empty but AVG is still on my machine (program files > AVG >AVG 2015).

I'm wondering now if I switched off the laptop while AVG was updating and managed to kill something?

I'd appreciate some help getting Windows to restart normally, thanks!

Edit: I should mention the laptop came with Win7 pre-installed and no disks. I can't for the life of me find the boot disk created over 4 years ago now.
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    Safe Mode runs so it's not hardware problem.

    Typically, when safe mode runs but normal mode doesn't, it's often caused by having recently installed a bad or incompatible driver, or some software that installs it's own drivers (this could be a third-party firewall, antivirus, or third-party CD burning utility, and even video DVD player software.

    If you can remember installing anything which fits those descriptions just before the problem first occurred, uninstall it in safe mode then see if normal mode works again.
  2. Thanks for a very prompt response Phillip.

    I've not installed anything new for months. The only recent changes have been Windows updates a few days ago.

    The AVG folder being empty rang alarm bells for me - perhaps that was updating when everything froze.

    Now a daft question - how do I uninstall in safe mode? I shall go Google :) and try unistalling AVG first and see if that sorts it out.



    After much snarling and gnashing of teeth finding the registry key I manually added msiserver so uninstalling worked in safe mode.

    Uninstalled AVG and now the laptop starts up.

    Happy dance time! :bounce:
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