for gaming should i get1. fx-4300 / gtx 750 ti / 4gb ramor2. fx-8320 / gt 730 / 8gb ramfor games like gta v watch dogs call o

for gaming should i get
1. fx-4300 / gtx 750 ti / 4gb ramor
2. fx-8320 / gt 730 / 8gb ram

for games like gta v watch dogs and call of duty

thank you to anyone who comments
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More about gaming get1 4300 gtx 750 4gb ramor2 8320 730 8gb ramfor games gta watch dogs call
  1. how much money do you have to spend, and what are the rest of the components?
  2. 230 no case, hdd, psu or disk drive
  3. I prefer the Quad Core CPU with 4GB or 8GB Ram. GTA V recommends the minimum system requirements as the 4 Core CPU with 4GB Ram. However it depends on you budget. If you like to spend more money on your gaming rig then go for your 2nd option with GTX 750 TI.
  4. Go for the 1st option and if you have a little extra money , upgrade to 8gb ram.
  5. how would the fx 4300 and gt 730 run?
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    It will run good but cannot run GTA V.
    i suggest you go for the 1st one and if you a little extra money upgrade to 8gb Ram.
    With the GTX 750ti you can run GTA V in high settings [It depends on your screen Resolution]
    The GTX 750ti can also run Assassin's Creed UNITY.
  7. GTA V needs 2GB of VRAM to run in 1080p. Please keep that in mind when deciding on GPU.
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