Xbox Controller wont pick up ? help please

Everything is installed and says its running correctly: (but it isn't)

IE: i connect wired Xbox360 controller to Windows 7 64bit pc, driver installs successfully and device is ready to use..

but the Xbox App/widget "Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Status" doesn't show it connected .. and the ring on the controller keeps flashing.. also Joy.CPL does not detect the controller..

Let me know if you guys have any info on getting this to detect correctly ?
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  1. Is it a wired controller or wireless?
  2. -HH- said:
    Is it a wired controller or wireless?

    its wired and showing in device manager as
    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller via Play & Charge Kit
  3. -HH- said:
    Is it a wired controller or wireless?

    Apologies i just found out there is a difference, its a wireless controller

    but i am connecting to the PC via the charging cable
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    No problem. I tried this once before. Turns out you need one of these

    TBH I'd personally run a wired controller. No software is needed and it's direct plug and play (I use it for certain games)
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