want to change the splash screen of laptop

model:- hp pavilion g4 1303 au
i want to change the splash screen of my laptop given by state government .is there any way for it,please guys can anybody help me....
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  1. ¨Could you please get a screenshot of the splash screen so we could get an idea to what program this splash screen is linked with.
  2. the link given below is the the snapshot of laptops splash screen,i had formated the bios splash screen and replaced the logo but there was no change.could you please explain the location's of mother board where splash screen can be burned,is it possible t burn the splash screen in processor also.

  3. is there any way to remove this splash screen or not,technicians are saying that there are three places or more in motherboard where splash screen is burned can you please explain this
  4. you have to allow me to view your photos, thanks :)
  5. now you can download the photo
  6. Thanks for allowing me to view the picture. It looks like the picture is associated with the startup of your laptop. In that case you might be able to get ride picture by updating your bios.
    Download the updated bios for your laptop from your manufacture, and follow this tutorial on how to update your bios. http://www.7tutorials.com/how-update-bios-your-computers-motherboard-5-steps
  7. nope i had done this no effect..it is burnt in my bios
  8. the place where you getting your updated bios is from website in the same country as you? maybe try to get bios from an international site instead of the national site which you might/might not be using.
  9. okkk.i will try ....
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